To My Community;

Thank you for visiting our website!  You have been redirected to this site to share some exciting practice changes!

We welcome Dr. Zach Stelmack (Dr. Zach) to the team!  Dr. Zach is a 2013 graduate of the National University of Heath Sciences, the same institution I graduated from.  We are very similarly trained in chiropractic and acupuncture. In addition he practices “Neurofeedback”, which uses visual tools to correct brainwave patterns in order to treat conditions like ADD, ADHD, chronic pain, etc.  As of August 29th, he will be taking over the practice as the new owner full time.  I have all the confidence in Dr. Zach’s skills as a doctor and a person and know he will take extremely good care of you.  He has an excellent education, is up-to-date on research and techniques, and even teaches collegiate anatomy courses!  Rest assured that Linda, Sharon, Heather and Anthony will remain with the practice to insure a smooth transition, and to help maintain continuity so you continue to receive the best treatment possible. Dr. Zach is also a member of most major insurance plans and accepts Medicare.

This decision does not come lightly.  It was several years in the making, for many reasons both personal and professional, and I am deeply grateful to your for allowing me into your lives for the past 15 years!  I have LOVED working with you, and being a part of the Western Springs community.  This is a special place.  I leave you in very good hands with Dr. Zach however, so please explore his website for further information about him!

I would also like to thank Linda, Sharon, Heather and Anthony.  Linda and Sharon have been with the practice longer than I and have been rocks of stability for me.  I would have failed long ago without them!  Heather and Anthony joined me 3 years ago and have been invaluable helping me grow the practice to better serve you.  I owe them all much gratitude.

I will take my next step as an Attending Clinician at the National University of Health Sciences (my Lombard, IL alma mater) at their satellite campus in St. Petersburg, Florida.  I am excited about the next chapter but will miss you and this office with all my heart.  For those of you traveling to the St. Pete area, I would enjoy treating you in the Pinellas Park clinic there too!!  You can check their website for further info:

Again, thank you for being such a big part of my life for the last 15 years! You and this practice will be forever in my heart, and very, very hard to leave.  But I am excited for Dr. Zach to bring his fresh expertise and provide you with the best updated treatments. Feel free to call him with any questions.

Thanks again for being such great patients and people!  Take care of yourself, and Be Well!



Sarah Kelly DC